Hello the Interwebs!

I am here blogging about what I do the most.  Namely, reading and traveling.  I am a seventh grade learning support  teacher at an international school in Beijing, China where my husband and I  have lived for the last five years.  This is my fourth international school and my (omg!) tenth year overseas.

I have been a reader for as long as I can remember.  A friend suggested that I start reviewing books and here we are.

Disclaimer: All book review opinions are 100% my own. I very very rarely accept review requests or ARC. Because I am in China, because I am able to afford my own books, and because I am not marginalized in any way. I feel that it is important that ARC of books go first to those who otherwise would struggle to have access or have their voices heard.

Here is my media kit if you so desire.

Here is the list of amazing bloggers from whom I have gotten or bought stock images from.

Here is a picture of me to reassure you that I am human.