Tales of Kiribati / Iango Mai Kiribati by Peter Kanere Koru (Editor), Ginette Sullivan (Editor)

Tales of Kiribati / Iango Mai Kiribati by Peter Kanere Koru (Editor), Ginette Sullivan (Editor)

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"Biographies & tales in English & Kiribati" (publisher). parallel columns in Gilbertese and English, with illustrations and photographs.

The Shoeshine Killer by Marianne Wheelaghan

The Shoeshine Killer by Marianne Wheelaghan

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             DS Louisa Townsend has moved from Edinburgh to work for the Kiribati Police Service on Tarawa, a remote coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific. Locally she is known as the Scottish Lady Detective. 
            Louisa is in Fiji for a money laundering conference. From the moment she arrives in the country things go wrong, including some weird perv breaking into her room while she sleeps and mucking about with her underwear. But that pales into insignificance when she stumbles upon the murdered body of a new friend. Louisa wants to help find the truth and the killer. But DI Vika, the officer in charge of the investigation, tells Louisa to keep out of it. 
            Louisa isn’t happy. Not one little bit. The slime-ball snooper is still breaking into her room, and although Louisa doesn’t know how or why, she’s sure there’s a connection between the break-ins and the murder. Determined to get to the truth, and with the help of Fijian colleague Constable Makereta, Louisa embarks on journey which takes her into Fiji’s underworld and fighting for her life. 
            The Shoeshine Killer is the second book in the Scottish Lady Detective mystery series featuring Detective Louisa Townsend.