Beijing Moving Day

The final moving update! Or at least the final one till I get paintings hung up and I do a furnished apartment tour (you know you want it.) It took me awhile for this.  It is the final weeks of school which makes me insane, and I also managed to get some evil viral stomach bug that is going around. Yay, for being a teacher. 

Moving day was INSANE.  We had packed up the rest of the stuff on a Saturday, and the move was the next day. The movers were supposed to arrive at the old apartment at 9 in the morning.  They showed up at 8:15.  Fortunately, we were ready.  Well, ready-ish.  I was still in my pajamas, and we were eating breakfast, but we had everything packed up.  They started hauling boxes at breakneck speed.  Cue panic because I am supposed to be at the new place to open the door for them.  

Have I mentioned that I now like in a sixth-floor walk-up?  105 stairs.  And that it was 36 degrees (96.8)? We had to pay the movers a little extra, but I still thought for sure that there would be some whining.  Nope.  These guys were beasts.  They had these packing straps and were hauling up the boxes three at a time.  It was insane. While the movers were coming up and down the agent appeared with the internet guy, and within two minutes we had the internet!  Significantly faster internet.  Aw yeah! 

There is something about having all of your possessions out in the open that really makes you question your rampant consumerism.  Why do I have that many shoes? It also reminds me of why I own a Kindle. Having a Kindle means that I had four boxes of books rather than 400. Just when I start to think I want my thousands (not exaggerating) of physical books again... It just doesn't fit into my chosen lifestyle. *cue rolling your eyes at me

We paid by the truckload, and they were genuinely concerned that we would be angry that they couldn't fit all of our belongings in a single truckload.  They also moved a bed from one room to another and finally moved the ugly couches out of the apartment.  They managed to carry three huge pieces of furniture down twelve flights of stairs in less than ten minutes.  It was amazing.  When I paid them, after everything was finished, they wouldn't even let me tip them.  

I have unpacked and put pretty much everything away, and so far it looks as if nothing was broken. Although, I haven't found my tube of painting/pictures.  I wonder if it was misplaced in the move or if they were just put away (by me) in the new place never to be seen again. I will have to search for it this weekend now that we are all unpacked.  

 I never did find anyone to buy those hideous couches.  I don't even care.  In my head, the furniture that we bought to replace it was just REALLY expensive.  #noregrets #seriouslynone

In the miracle of the day ten minutes after the movers left the IKEA delivery guys arrived.  Somehow they got a king sized bed up these stairs.  We threw money at the problem of assembly. I know that we could have done it.  It isn't rocket science or anything.  But getting it assembled for you is very cheap in China.   We had enough to do with unpacking.  We had nine pieces for them to put together and it took them less than two hours.  It was impressive.

We had one random day of school and then the Tuesday off for Dragon Boat Festival. Don't question it.  It is China. We were able to get about 85% of things unpacked that day, and then we picked away at it for the next week.  As of now, we have everything put away.  I have some organizing still to do.  We have a ton of paperwork (you know the kind that adds up) that isn't in any particular order, and I haven't put anything on the walls yet.  I have a week after school lets out and before we set out for New York and I should be able to get that done then.  I'll keep you updated.