How My Bookish Habits have Changed in the Last year

How My Bookish Habits have Changed in the Last year

Cait at Paper Fury wrote a post on this topic this week and invited people to steal the idea. Her site is a mountain of entertainment and you will not regret spending time there.  (Seriously go)I hadn't thought much about my development as a reader.  I mean, I am an adult.  It isn't as if my reading level or comprehension ability is going to change at this point. But there are more subtle things.  Since I like self-refection (I am SUCH a teacher sometimes) I thought I would give it a go!

1.     I didn’t read as much.
Well, I still read a lot.  I kind of read a ridiculous amount.  But looking at Goodreads last year I read 318 books and of right now I have read 266.  I know that this isn't a number game but that fact is bugging the hell out of me.  It didn't help that I haven't really gotten into the groove of reading since the Election. I can't seem to get my reading rhythm back.

2.     I read a lot more YA
This again according to goodreads.  Last year I read far more adult fiction than this year. I wasn't a stranger to YA by any means before this year but now that I am primarily reviewing YA it seems to be what I am reading. I regret nothing... 

3.     I get stressed about books I haven’t reviewed
There are so many but I try to only review books that I have read in the last couple of days so that my thoughts are fresh.  The backlog is distressing because I am more than a little bit of a control freak and not being on schedule is physically painful for me.

4.     I have gotten a lot more into graphic novels
With the exception of Sandman and Fables I had not read more than a couple of graphic novels.  I find them a bit hit or miss.  I find that I enjoy them much more if they are an original story rather than an adaption of a novel.  I had started looking into them because they are a great way to introduce reluctant readers to books.  My favorite so far has been Relish.

5.     I have started reading a country/location while I am travelling there
I have done this with Cambodia, India, Vietnam, the Silk Road and I am getting one read for Myanmar and Taiwan because that is where we are travelling over the winter holiday.  If there is something more satisfying than reading about a place while you are in the place I haven't found it.  It combines my two favorite things in the world.  Travelling and books.  I found that it really enhanced my holiday because I understood so much more of what was going on around me because I had a better grasp of the context. If you are planing on travelling anytime so I HIGHLY recommend trying this.

6.     Book slumps seems like a bigger deal
Now, I not only am annoyed that I can't seem to get into a book I am freaking out because I am afraid that I am not going to have something to review. Which is SUPER helpful.  

7.     I talk about books more
This is both because of the blog but also because I am on the Reading Committee at school and also head the middle school book club.  My life seems to be set on all books all the time.  Which is pretty much the opposite of a problem.

8.     My reading has become more diverse
This has been deliberate.  I am not in the States so I am a big isolated from a lot that has been happening over the last few years (the election managed to rip away that certainty). I noticed after reading an article about Black Lives Matter (the New Yorker article from March of this year) that my reading was far more white bread then I thought it was.  I have made some changes to improve that and diverse reads have been some of the best books that I have read this year.

9.     I started get more recommendations from other blogs.
For someone who has a book blog it is only in the last year that I really noticed that book blogs existed.  But once I did... Man, there are some amazingly talented and funny people out there talking up the books.  Personal favorites: Paperfury, Writer of Wrongs, Chasing Faery Tales, and Perpetual Page Turner.