The Night World Series by L.J Smith as told through Hocus Pocus .Gifs

This is not a series that I returned to and remember all the reasons that I loved it.  No, this is a series that I reread this week and then questioned everything about myself.  Who was I even?  Oh, teenager Tara, remembering you is pretty humiliating.

Each of the books is super short.  150-200 pages max.  Each of them follow one super special teenage girl who then falls in love.  Sometimes with a super special boy.  There are vampires, witches, and shapeshifter galore. 

I reread these again this week because the Top Ten Tuesday a few weeks ago was about names from fiction.  There is a character called Kestrel in Daughters of Darkness and I was obsessed with her name so I put it on the list.  That lead me to thinking about them again which lead to the rereads.  They were brought out as ebooks a few years ago when there was a rumor the Strange Fate was finally going to be published. 

Oh yes, I have been waiting for the last book in this series since 1999.  There is a whole frickin’ war set up and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.  Or at least I did for the first decade.  Now, I just want to know in a low-key kind of way. 

Oh, my God. SO. MUCH. ISTALOVE.  Like everywhere.  If instalove was something that you walked through (like gum or dog crap) then these books are like the Swap of Saddness in A Neverending Story.  You will be slogging into it up to your neck.

Secret Vampire:

Poppy and James. This one was just boring. James makes me want to fall asleep every time that he does something.  Phillip , the brother, is kind of entertaining.

Daughters of Darkness:

Ash and Mary Lynette.  If I recall correctly this was one of my favorites in high school.  Ash is an asshole and I am still kind of okay with that.  I still love that Mary-Lynette is so pissed about their being soulmates that she kicks him repeatedly the first four or five times she seems him.  Ash also has eyes that contently change colors which I thought was the height of cool.  


Source  | Also pretty much Blair

Source | Also pretty much Blair


Thea and EricI think that there are supposed to be some feminist themes here However, reading this again as an adult it seems to me that the underlying theme is that a woman with the smallest amount of power will use it to sexually manipulate all the men around her.  And she might laugh at your pain.  Blaise is a much more sympathetic character upon rereading.  Which isn’t saying much since I hated her and now just hate her less. Also notable for the quote, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” “But three lefts do.” Which I have used in my everyday life.  Not successfully because of the confused looks but I have used it.


Goodreads  |  

Goodreads |  

The Chosen: 

Rashel and Quinn. Rashel is still pretty badass and Quinn may be a jerk but he is her jerk.  She gets into a ridiculous situation but hey, can she help it if she is surrounded by idiots who won’t help thereby forcing her to act all on her own, This girl girl makes Katniss look warm and fuzzy.  I could have done with a hundred more pages or so to round out her story.


Dark Angel:

Gillian and David. This was the first one that I read and for the longest time I thought it was a standalone.  Takeaway: Gillian is tiny and cute and magic makes her beautiful and popular all of a sudden.  And evil Angels inside your head are not a good thing.  Especially when they start singing from the Phantom of the Opera to scare you. David= boring as hell cheater.



Thierry and Hannah. Reincarnation and vague Clan of the Cave Bear rip-off scenes.  There is a werewolf attack that is pretty cool.  I am still not sure about the voices in Hannah’s head.  Are they past selves?   Maya?  It is unclear and I didn’t care enough to contemplate it for lon




Jez and What’s His Name ()Jez ia not as cool as Rashel and her boyfriend is generic rebel 1950’s gangster wannabe.  I was waiting for a vampire version of “When You’re a Jet”

This is the Secret Kingdom.

Black Dawn:

Maggie and Delos My favorite when I was in high school.  This one has some world building and supercreepiness to it.  Again, I could have done with a hundred more pages so that things were fleshed out a bit more and the ended extended. I still find the prophecy about Maggie to be funny.




Keller and Galen. This one was just boring aside from the fact that it built up the war.  And there is some weird shapeshifter things that hadn’t been introduced before. 

Strange Fate:

Ha!  You will never get to read this and will be wondering forever if the millennium will bring about the fate of the world.  Wait… pretty sure it didn’t.  But who am I kidding?  If this book ever does come out I am going to read it if for no other reason that to silence my brain at two in the morning when it decided to wonder what will happen.





You may notice that the covers are pretty awful.  The ebook/audiobook reissues are better but have no relationship to the books themselves.  At least the original cover artist read the books and paid attention to the descriptions.   All in all these are not the best books ever written.  I went through them like fruit snacks and that is kind of what they are.  Light, not really appropriate for an adult, and leave you hungry for something more substantial.

Happy Halloween!