The Smashing & Dashing 2016 Character Awards: Which I totally stole from Cait at Paper Fury

I'm back with yet another tag by Cait at Paperfury.  Her original post  caused me to snort laugh out loud on the bus which I took as a sign that I was destined to do this tag. As per usual whenever I mention Cait I have to encourage you to go to her site because... awesome. She did request that I wear a santa hat and sing but I have far too much dignity for that (no, I don't. I just don't have a Santa hat)

I have decided that although I had to have read or reread the book this year it doesn't have to have been written this year. Because I am behind.  And don't feel like looking up publication dates. Don't judge.

1. Most Relatable Character
Rebecca from The Road Home. I am not an American nurse with PTSD in Vietnam during the war.  But I related strongly to her refusal to acknowledge that something is wrong and her shutting down to a silent shell of herself because that is how I deal with stress as well. This probably doesn't reflect too well on me.

2. Best Animal Companion: 
100% Otto from Endangered.  I myself would like a baby Bonobo.  I should not have one because that would be wrong but I would still like one.  I could do without the horrific civil war coup.  Otto is precious beyond all reason and I want to hug and carry him around all day.

3. Fiercest Fighter:
Rose from Rose Under Fire or Verity from Code Name Verity.  Is it fair to pick a character who doesn't physically fight? I don't care.  Both these girls have guts. And are fighters.

4. Most Amazing Sidekick:
Hannah from The Inside of Out.  Because it turns out that she might not be the sidekick.

5. One you're surprised you loved: 
Karou from Daughter of Smoke & Bone.  I thought that she would be far too cool and unemotional for me to like.  I was super wrong. Again, what is wrong with me and why haven't I read the next books?  #MyKindleIsTooFarAway

6. Best sassmaster:
Sloane from This Adventure Ends.  She builds her entire life around being the smart ass funny friend. Dash from Dash and Lily's Book of Dares is also, right up there.  His version of smarty pants, hipster, bookworm sass hits the mark with me. Also,  the entire cast of Six of Crows again because they are pretty hilarious together.

7. Best anti-hero: 
I am going to have to say the entire cast of This Savage Song.  There is no one in that book who you can classify as good or bad. They are all both.  And I loved it. Honorable mention to another book of Schwabs's Vicious because I am still a little afraid of Victor even though I know he was supposed to be the hero. Fine. A lot afraid.  But that is only because I know that if I accidentally got in his way that he would mow me down.  He would try to feel bad about it later but 1. he would be unsuccessful and 2. I would still be dead.  You can see how I might be concerned.

8. Best Villan to Hate:
Jafar from A Whole New World. He is pathetically need and inept.  If I didn't also hate the Jasmine character I would be embarrassed that he was as successful as he was. As it is I just roll my eyes at the whole book. 4 months later I am still irritated.

9. Worst Parents:
I didn't even have to think about this.  Grace's parent from the Wolves of Mercy Falls series.  I was fairly close to calling Child Protective Services on them before i remembered that they are fictional.  I also think that they are much more insidiously evil that say Talia's obviously abusive father in Swimming Through Clouds because they claim to love her.  Physical and emotional neglect to not love make.  Also, shut up you have no say in her life. 

10. Best Parents:
This is more difficult that you might this as YA is littered with absent or dead parents.  Perhaps so the MC aren't controlled by sensible advice, structure, and boundaries? Mia's parents in If I Stay which made the book that much more of a sob fest.

11. Best Ship:
So, so many to chose from here.  Shazi and Khalid from The Wrath and the Dawn? Ronan and Adam or Blue and Gansey from the Raven Cycle? Laia and Elias from An Ember in the Ashes? Every single couple from Six of Crows?  I am going to go with Helene and Harper Avitas from A Torch Against the Night.  Who are not together or acknowledging that they should be together but need to kiss already.  This better happen in the third book. I will rewrite the book in my head if need be.

12. The most in need of protection:
Amanda from If I Was Your Girl.  I am still concerned that terrible things are going to happen to her.  I want to hire bodyguards.  because goddammit she is going to have the opportunity to be happy. I have actual anxiety about this.  Seriously, I have been awake at night worrying.

13. Most boring: 
Gemma from Replica.  Let me be frank with you, Gemma.  The reason that you do not have friends is not because you are fat.  It is because you have the personality of day old refrigerated mashed potatoes. Cold, lumpy, easily molded, and generally not as good as anticipated.

14. Best little royal: 
I read nothing with a royal Character this year.  Which is making me question everything about myself.  Help.

15. Very surprised you're still alive:
Lily Chen from The Undertaking of Lily Chen.  Literally every man she comes across is trying to kill her or crush her soul. I wanted to stage an intervention to get her the hell out of China.

16. Best at horrible decision making:
Kip from Right Behind You.  His whole life is a series of terrible choices.  Terrible choices that can't be fixed.  

17. Cutest Dork;
Jamie from Awkward.  Because if there is anything more adorable than a middle school science nerd in comic book form i haven't come across it.  

18. Cleverest little hellion:
Kaz Brekker or  Ronan Lynch.  Aaaand now I want some crossover action.  If Leigh Bardugo and Maggie Stiefvater could arrange that I would be grateful.  They would plan the downfall of the whole planet together.  Want.

19. Most in need of a nap:
Harry from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  OMG he is crabby.  I want to make him nap like a toddler throwing a tantrum.  And I also completely understand why he is acting that way.  Maybe we both need a nap.

20. Want to read more about you:
Marissa from What Can(t) Wait.  I have said it before.  I NEED to know that she is going to be alright.  I want to know that she graduates from university.  Gets a masters degree.  Maybe a PhD.  Helps her family.  Finds balance.  I really want that for her.  It is like I need an epilogue 20 years later to assure me that she made it.

What characters have wormed their way into your brain this year?