The Road to Andorra By Shirley Deane

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There are few blithe spirits left in this burdened world, but Shirley Deane is one of them. Who else would find herself in Andorra, a small republic high in the Pyrenees, because her son's eye was caught by a minute and unlettered spot on a map? And, who, at the summons of her artist husband, would pick up and head for the sun-drenched Balearics (Ibiza to be exact) because of the chance offer to run a pig farm? The answer can be found in this entertaining and perceptive book which is a glowing account of two different ways of life, Andorran and Ibizercan. It is in Ibiza that the author learns she and her family have been expelled from Spain because her book "Tomorrow is Manana" had displeased the authorities there. So once again they are on the road to Andorra with the tacit understanding that one in flight becomes one of Andorra' own.