66 U.S. Dollars by Alan Northeast

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The run up to Christmas is usually a time for peace and goodwill toward all men, but in one household nothing could be further from the truth. Shipyard manager Jack Durham receives a most unwelcome present - his redundancy notice. With no jobs on the horizon the future looks uncertain, and if that isn't enough, the spectre of bankruptcy also looms, threatening everything for which Jack and his partner, Mary, have worked so hard.
Just as the situation becomes critical a white knight arrives in the person of Frank Palmer, a wealthy entrepreneur, who offers Jack a job in Northern Cyprus building a new harbour tug. Even though it means decamping the whole family thousands of miles to a politically divided foreign country, the chance of solving all their financial problems seems too good to pass up.
Jack, Mary and their two young daughters quickly settle into their new life in Cyprus, but a series of bizarre incidents brings trouble back to their door. As the problems gradually escalate a suspicion begins to take hold. Is Frank Palmer all he seems to be?


Small Wars by Sadie Jones

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Sadie Jones, the award-winning and internationally bestselling author of The Outcast, returns with an ambitious, richly imagined novel that confirms her place in the literary firmament.

A passionate and beautifully written tale of personal loss in the midst of war in late 1950s Cyprus, Small Wars raises important questions that are just as relevant today. 

What happens when everything a man believes in — the army, his country, his marriage — begins to crumble? Hal Treherne is a young British soldier on the brink of a brilliant career. Transferred to Cyprus to defend the colony, Hal takes his wife, Clara, and their daughters with him. But Hal is pulled into atrocities that take him further from Clara, a betrayal that is only one part of a shocking personal crisis to come. Small Warsis a searing, unforgettable novel from a writer at the height of her powers.