Review Policy

All reviews are honest.

I do not use stars in my reviews.  At this time.  If I feel like changing that later I will.

I am not and will not be paid for any review on this blog.

I am an adult who has a full time job. I do not request ARCs.  I feel that ARCs should go first to bloggers that have more difficulty accessing books and bloggers who are in marginalized groups. I am neither of these things. If I buy the book I have no pressure to write anything and I have no time pressure.  That is just the way I roll.  Sorry, the day job is always going to come first.

If, however, you can somehow get a book to me in China to review and you really want to me consider it please contact me at: onemorestamp@gmail.com.  I have a kindle and do about 99% of my reading through that so ebooks are preferred.

Here is the list of amazing bloggers from whom I have gotten or bought stock images from.