My travel photos are all my own as are all of my Instagram images.  I however, suck at the fine art of the flat lay.  I therefor tend to rely on stock images for the book side of my site.

My header and theme were custom made by Kiarah at Just Blush Design and I really love them.  

From Roses- My favorite! I bought her Floral and Wilderness bundle as well as her Autumn/Winter Bundle but she has a couple of free images as well.  100% worth the money.   The pictures are beautiful.  You can see her work if you look at the banners at the top of my pages.  Anything not travel related is her.   

Wonderfelle- nice free photopack and great general blogging advice. I signed up for the yearly subscription service recently and since the site has updates I took advantage of an offer and upgraded to the Luxe Member ship.

City Girl Searching- some beautiful free images and there are others that you can purchase. They have been super useful for me.  I love her blog.  She does custom photo work as well if you are looking to brand your blog. If you are South Africa based she also does headshots ect.  

A Girl Obsessed- I bought her Autumnal Stock photo pack and her second outdoors photopack..  She also has some great general blogging advice on her site. 

Helene in Between- She has several free photo packs and more great advice.  I kind of wish I knew her because she seems like lots of fun. She has a lot of blogging resources and her site is a font of information.

Gold and Berry- not the easiest site to download from but the pictures are very beautiful.

A Prettier Web- I probably use these images more than any others.  I would totally buy images form her is she puts together a bundle. There are also some really interesting articles on making your blog into a business. 

The Collective Mill- small set of floral desktop photos for free.

Pink Pot- really beautiful regularly updated photo packs. These have been some of the most useful when making thumbnails and facebook posts about book reviews. Read the attribution information as she is slightly more restrictive than others about credit. 

Wonder Lass- free photo pack.  She has sent quite a few new ones in the short time I have been signed up for her newsletter.  Yay!

Solopreneur Sidekick- free photo pack.

Ivory Mix- mix of free and pay photos but the free photos that come with the mailing list are substantial.  There is almost too much there and it has been various qualify and helpfulness levels.

Haute Chocolate- mostly paid content put some free images with the newssletter.  The pictures are super beautiful. She has some more  specific credit specifications than some others. If you are interested there is also a monthly/yearly stock photo subscription service that looks intriguing to me.  Maybe next year.